Religious Discussion Of Nuclear Weapons

This section of the site explores religious discussion of nuclear weapons.

  • A Theology Of Catholic Action - What is the relationship between Catholic belief and action in regards to nuclear weapons?
  • Two Popes, And No Nuclear Weapons - It was morbidly fascinating to spend time with the two most influential Catholics in the world, who in the course of a two hour film never mentioned nuclear weapons and the ever imminent collapse of modern civilization, and thus the Catholic Church as well, even once.
  • Catholics Could Save The World - What if every Catholic pledged a recurring donation of $1 per year to fund a global marketing campaign to amplify the Pope's teachings regarding nuclear weapons?
  • Is Pope Francis Really An ‘Influencer’ On Nuclear Matters? - In the context of increasing distrust of elites and institutions as well as renuclearization of international politics, Pope Francis is a most interesting case to study.
  • A Response To The Pope - Here's a reply to the Pope's recent speech declaring nuclear weapons immoral.
  • The Pope Speaks Out On Nuclear Weapons - In November 2019 the Pope visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan and gave a speech declaring the possession of nuclear weapons to be immoral.

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