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  1. Taming The Knowledge Explosion – Part 2 - Let's explore why the accelerating nature of knowledge development matters, and how this process is related to our concerns about nuclear weapons.
  2. Nuclear Deterrence Is A Fantasy - The idea that nuclear deterrence can keep us safe will always be true, until the day that it isn't.
  3. Taming The Knowledge Explosion – Part 1 - It seems important to keep in mind that the knowledge explosion which created nuclear weapons feeds back upon itself creating an ever accelerating knowledge development process.
  4. A Reply To: Questioning Truth, Reality and the Role of Science - Given the central role science plays in our culture, contributing to public discourse of science would seem to be a very important job.
  5. A Reply To: Machine Learning Takes On Antibiotic Resistance - As powerful tools like machine learning bring new knowledge online at an ever faster pace, and as the scale of the new powers expands, the room for error steadily shrinks and odds that one of the new discoveries will bring down the entire system grows.
  6. Are We Worse Than Nazis? - What kind of person risks everything for a few laughs?
  7. Focusing On The Bottom Line - What if we took a break from the expert analysis of details and turned our attention to addressing the bottom line?
  8. A Benefit Of The Coronavirus - The coronavirus pandemic may come with a silver lining that we would be wise to learn from.
  9. Vote Joe Cirincione for Congress! - Wouldn't it be great if we could elect someone to the U.S. Congress who proudly declared themselves to be a single issue politician focused exclusively on nuclear weapons?
  10. Big Announcement: I’m Running For President! - Today I announce my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.
  11. I Am Indisputably The Leading Nuclear Disarmament Expert In The World!! - Won't the major nuclear powers all have to disarm together, at the same time?
  12. BREAKING NEWS: Nuclear Weapons Are Depressing - It seems that what's depressing is not so much nuclear weapons, but their creators. You know, the human condition.
  13. A Theology Of Catholic Action - What is the relationship between Catholic belief and action in regards to nuclear weapons?
  14. Is Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Mentally Ill? - Shouldn't we wonder just a wee little bit about the sanity of any person who spends years positioning themselves to get a job which could require them to launch a barrage of nuclear missiles at vast populations of innocents?
  15. Two Popes, And No Nuclear Weapons - It was morbidly fascinating to spend time with the two most influential Catholics in the world, who in the course of a two hour film never mentioned nuclear weapons and the ever imminent collapse of modern civilization, and thus the Catholic Church as well, even once.
  16. A Nuclear Weapons Congressional Candidate? - What if we could elect someone to the U.S. Congress who proudly declared themselves to be a single issue politician focused exclusively on nuclear weapons?
  17. Ignore Trump And Embrace His Base - The nuclear weapons activist community seems not to grasp one simple political fact. America is never going to disarm until most people on both sides of the political divide agree that should happen.
  18. The Nature Of Power - What kind of person wants power so bad that they are willing to put everything on the line, their family, their fortune, their life?
  19. What Are The Experts Missing? - A nuclear weapons newbie's first impressions of the activist landscape.
  20. Catholics Could Save The World - What if every Catholic pledged a recurring donation of $1 per year to fund a global marketing campaign to amplify the Pope's teachings regarding nuclear weapons?
  21. Retired Russian And American Experts Should Negotiate A Disarmament Treaty Now - What if retired out of office diplomats, politicians and technical experts from both America and Russia sat down to negotiate a disarmament treaty they think might work?
  22. Will All Nuclear Weapons States Have To Disarm At The Same Time? - What nuclear power is going to disarm while it's perceived adversaries still retain nuclear weapons?
  23. The Psychological Shockwave - The next nuclear detonation could generate a psychological shock wave with unpredictable consequences far beyond the blast zone.
  24. A World Without Men - Given the revolutionary nature of the threat presented by nuclear weapons it may be useful to explore equally revolutionary solutions.
  25. Preparing For The Decisive Day - What will be the role of nuclear weapons activists once consciousness raising is no longer necessary?
  26. What About Trump? What About Obama? - Real sustainable change in our nuclear weapons policy will require broad agreement across the political spectrum.
  27. Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye - A nuclear attack anywhere in the world is likely to further accelerate our loss of privacy.
  28. Will A Nuclear Accident In America Save The World? - What sequence of events could lead to an end of the nuclear weapons era?
  29. Is Pope Francis Really An ‘Influencer’ On Nuclear Matters? - In the context of increasing distrust of elites and institutions as well as renuclearization of international politics, Pope Francis is a most interesting case to study.
  30. Our Relationship With Knowledge - This article will argue that the "more is better" relationship with knowledge which is the foundation of science and our modern civilization is simplistic, outdated and increasingly dangerous.
  31. Should We Bother With More Science? - Giving up nuclear weapons is the price tag for the future of science and all the miracles it can offer us.
  32. What About Climate Change? - Without nuclear weapons modern civilization will likely somehow adapt to climate change and continue in some form. With nuclear weapons it's anybody's guess what will happen, and the odds aren't in our favor.
  33. Will A Terrorist Save The World? - It was the psychopath Adolph Hitler who finally brought peace to Europe after centuries of pointless warfare. Should we be expecting a similar "savior" in our time?
  34. Is Nuclear War A Sure Thing? - Any notion that we can maintain arsenals of nuclear weapons, but never use those weapons, seems an excellent example of the amazing human talent for wishful thinking fantasy.
  35. The Mysteriously Missing Candidates - What a clear eyed observation of this Presidential campaign can teach us is that human beings in general, all of us, are simply not mature and rational enough to be in possession of civilization ending weapons.
  36. A Response To The Pope - Here's a reply to the Pope's recent speech declaring nuclear weapons immoral.
  37. The Pope Speaks Out On Nuclear Weapons - In November 2019 the Pope visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan and gave a speech declaring the possession of nuclear weapons to be immoral.