Nuclear Weapons Articles From Guest Authors

This section of the site shares articles by guest authors.

  1. Nuclear Weapons? Australia Has No Way To Build Them, Even If We Wanted To - Developing and sustaining modern nuclear weapons requires a certain combination of technologies and industries that Australia simply does not have.
  2. Nagasaki’s Shadows: European Citizens Facing Nuclear Weapons - It is crucial to know what citizens know about nuclear-weapons policy.
  3. A Nuclear Treaty Between Russia And The US Is Falling Apart – Can It Be Saved? - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Feb. 1 that the United States would withdraw from its nuclear weapons treaty with Russia.
  4. What Is The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Here’s Why It’s Still Important - What is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? And how serious is Iran’s threat of withdrawal?
  5. Why Proposals To Sell Nuclear Reactors To Saudi Arabia Raise Red Flags - According to a congressional report, a group that includes former senior U.S. government officials is lobbying to sell nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia.
  6. Why The US Has Nuclear Weapons In Turkey – And May Try To Put The Bombs Away - As the Syrian crisis pits Turkish troops against former U.S.-allied Kurdish forces, Pentagon officials have been reviewing plans to remove 50 nuclear bombs stored at a U.S air base in Turkey.
  7. What Geology Reveals About North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons – And What It Obscures - Marshall Rogers-Martinez's focuses on improving techniques for estimating the yield, or size, of underground nuclear explosions by using physics-based simulations.
  8. Nuclear Weapons And Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Program: 4 Questions Answered - Miles Pomper, a senior fellow at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, explains what uranium enrichment is and why it is central to both peaceful nuclear energy programs and building nuclear weapons.
  9. The US Nuclear Arsenal: A Quick Overview - As the world focuses on North Korea’s nuclear weapons, this seems like a good time to ask: Is the U.S. doing anything to limit the size of its own nuclear arsenal?