The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Team

Here’s a list of nuclear weapons activists associated with The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Click on a linked name to see further information. Please contact me to request additions, edits, or deletions. Other nuclear weapons groups and their teams can be found here.

Kennette Benedict – Senior Advisor – Twitter

Rachel Bronson – President and CEO – Twitter

Elisabeth Eaves – Contributing Editor – Twitter

Robert K. Elder – Chief Digital Officer – Twitter

Matt Field – Associate Editor – Twitter

Thomas Gaulkin – Multimedia Editor – Twitter

Dan Drollette Jr – Deputy Editor – Twitter

John Krzyzaniak – Associate Editor – Twitter

Delilah Marto – Development Coordinator – Contact

Lisa McCabe – Finance Director – Contact

Colleen McElligott – Development Director – Contact

John Mecklin – Editor-In-Chief – Twitter

Halley Posner – Program Coordinator – Contact

Stephen I. Schwartz – Nonresident Senior Fellow – Twitter

Janice Sinclaire – Communications Director – Twitter

Gayle Spinazze – Communications Coordinator – Contact

Dawn Stover – Contributing Editor – Twitter