Serving activists and the public by organizing basic information about nuclear weapons in to a conveniently accessible format.

Hi there, welcome to, thanks for visiting. The sections of this site outlined below are offered to assist all of us in understanding and responding to the existential threat presented by nuclear weapons. You’ll find basic information, opinion essays, introductions to the activist community, and practical suggestions for how we average citizens can take productive action.

Activism: Here’s a growing series of articles designed to offer practical suggestions for how we average citizens can take doable constructive action against nuclear weapons.

VIDEO: Want an easy place to start? Ok, so sit back on the couch and watch these YouTube videos which explore the subject of nuclear weapons from a variety of angles.

ACCIDENTS: Sometimes things go wrong, even with nuclear weapons. Learn about accidents, mistakes, mishaps, foul ups, near misses, silo explosions, lost warheads and more scary human error FUBAR the government hopes you never become aware of. War isn’t the only threat.

OPINION: Hey, it wouldn’t be a blog without rants, right? The included opinion essays will hopefully shed a bit of thoughtful light on our relationship with nuclear weapons, and each other.